Space Battle

Defending a Salvation station from attack.

At rank 2, you earn a fighter ship. You are free to fly your ship around the galaxy and dock at any station owned by your faction.

Ship Controls

Space combat is fast paced. To survive, a pilot must balance attacking, strafing and dodging enemy fire, managing energy and shields, and disabling incoming missiles with an EMP blast. Missiles can also be dodged but it is an extremely difficulty maneuver.

You have full 3D control over the motion of your ship:

  • pitch – turn up/down
  • heading – turn left/right
  • roll – turn clockwise/counter-clockwise
  • strafe thrusters – sideways motion left/right
  • speed – keep speed up or you’ll be an easy target
  • engine thrust – a fast speed boost that costs energy
  • aim – aiming will fine-tune your steering controls to fire at a distant target.

You can activate these ship components:

  • weapon beams – primary weapons, must be aimed
  • guided missiles – auto-track towards your selected target
  • electromagnetic pulse – used to disable incoming missiles
  • shield generator – a limited number of shield boosts
  • engaging jump – rapid travel to a distant target
  • station teleportation device – allows teleportation to any friendly station

Ship components can be upgraded while docked. Upgrading costs cred, which must be earned by completing missions.

Supported controls:

  • keyboard and mouse
  • XBox 360 gamepad for windows
  • joystick

Fleet Missions

Most combat occurs as part of fleet missions to attack enemy stations.
When attacking an enemy station, it will be defended by its fleet. The station also has mounted turrets which will fire at approaching enemy ships.

Bounty Missions

You are able to undertake solo bounty missions at rank 3.

Exploration Missions

As new wormholes open, only the most trusted pilots are given missions to navigate these wormholes, and seek out new planets in distant galaxies.

Station Defense

If a station is attacked, all pilots are expected to launch to defend the station. Enemy attacks can happen at any time.


Huge, powerful battleships will be built to protect stations as the game progresses. These battleships have massive shield and fire power, and make a station attack much more dangerous.

The Final Battle

If the prophecy holds true, an impending invasion of untold power will threaten the very existtence of all factions, both human and robotic.

Jump Space

Jump space is used to quickly travel to distant locations within a stellar system. The extreme speed causes lightning arcs which will damage and destroy your ship unless avoided.


Wormholes lead between distant systems and galaxies. Inside wormhole tunnels, you must steer carefully to stay inside the tunnel, otherwise distortion will damage and destroy your ship. Unstable, chaotic wormholes are particularly dangerous.

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