Universal Gaming Reviews Salvation Prophecy

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Universal Gaming Reviews Rating: 8 Great

Universal Gaming Reviews took a look at Salvation Prophecy. It’s a well-balanced and thorough review I thought I’d like to share with everyone.

The review sums things up as follows:

Overall, Salvation Prophecy is great fun and an addicting experience, it’s one of those games that you may not have ever heard of but is one that should definitely be in your playlist.

The Verdict: 8 Great

The Good:

    Excellent combination of Space and Land Battles
    Very addicting gameplay that will have you playing for hours.
    4 Unique races to play as.
    Lots to unlock and discover
    Variety of weapon upgrades
    3 types of main weapons, melee, long range and destruction.
    Unique worlds to explore and do battle on.
    Easy to learn how to play and get into.
    Battles are quick and fun making it a great jump in, jump out game to take a break in.
    Was created with only one full time developer on a limited budged, which is quite impressive.

The Bad:

    The textures aren’t the best looking (This doesn’t make the game any less addicting however)
    Space battles can be a bit tedius after a while with it’s requirement to fly there and back.

Linux port is live!

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linux penguin

The long awaited – at least to me :) – linux port is live! I want to thank all the kind linux users who helped test the game. You guys are awesome.

Linux comes in a lot of flavors – different distros, 32-bit vs. 64-bit, NVidia drivers, AMD drivers, single- vs. multi-monitors. I’ve done my best to test in a wide variety of combinations. I bought new video cards, a new monitor, and installed a bunch of different distros to test many different combinations.

Right now, I’m only officially supporting NVidia and AMD cards with proprietary drivers. Although one user did have some luck with an integrated video card. I might be able to get the open source drivers working too, but so far there’s still some issues there to work through.

Salvation Prophecy was built using a lot of open source software (Ogre3D, CEGUI, OIS). Here’s my small effort at contributing back to gaming on the best open source operating system of all time. The first moment I got the game running on linux was one of the most magical moments of making Salvation Prophecy.

The linux version can be bought on Desura and hopefully someday Steam (please vote!)

Russian Translation

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bitComposer Russia

Salvation Prophecy has been translated to Russian! Text only, not voices, but still… awesome. I worked with bitComposer Russia as a publisher for this, and they provided the translations.

I needed to playtest the game a lot, to make sure everything was translated and the translations fit. Russian text tends to be longer than English. It was weird playtesting my game in a language I don’t understand. If I’m ever in Russia, I’ll see if any of it sunk in. Maybe I’ll be conversational about space ships, aliens, and killer robots.

Here’s the links to some of the Russian distributors:

bitComposer Russia are also planning a Russian retail release.

Available on Amazon

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Yep! Amazon is selling my game. Cool that Amazon is paying attention to us indies. I read somewhere that Amazon is one of the major digital distribution players behind Steam these days, so it might help the game reach a wider audience. I’m definitely cool with that.

Here’s the link:
Buy Salvation Prophecy on Amazon.

In case anyone wants to leave a glowing user review of Salvation Prophecy at Amazon, I wouldn’t complain. 😉

Indie Game HQ Interview

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Indie Game HQ
Got a batch of excellent questions from Indie Game HQ. You can check out the interview here. It’s a really solid site with great coverage of indie games.

Sometimes when I read back the interviews I give, I think “Man, I talk way too much.” 😉

Steam Greenlight – Please Vote!

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steam greenlight logo

If you’re reading this site, you probably know what Steam is. And you probably know that if you made an indie PC game, you really want to sell your game through Steam.

It’s always been hard to get your game on Steam for indie game developers. As you can imagine, Steam gets swamped with 50 bazillion game submissions a day. Because of this, the submission process was very slow, and they often overlooked some good games. Recognizing this problem, Steam recently changed to a new system called Steam Greenlight, where Steam users can vote to pick which indie games Steam will sell. Every month or so, Steam takes the games with the most votes, and adds them to their store.

Click here to see Salvation Prophecy’s greenlight page

If you buy games on Steam, please take a second to follow that link, and click the vote button.

So far, Salvation Prophecy is doing pretty well. Out of the 1,000+ games on greenlight, Salvation Prophecy is (as of today) sitting in position #34. If I keep getting votes, the game should be greenlit within the next few months, which would be absolutely fantastic for me. So even if you’ve already bought and played the game, please vote!

-Sean / “Jabberwocky”

Available on Desura

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Salvation Prophecy is now available on Desura:
Click here

About Desura:
Desura is a community driven digital distribution service for gamers, putting the best games, mods and downloadable content from developers at gamers fingertips, ready to buy and play.

Available on Gamersgate

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Salvation Prophecy is now available on gamersgate:
Click here

The game is DRM-free. So you can play it whenever you want, however you want, on as many computers as you want, online or offline.

Now, time to get out the ol’ ink and paper, and send some emails to gaming websites. There’s got to be a few folks out there who enjoy a good space romp.

Indie Game Mag interview

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Here’s my interview with Indie Game Mag.

One thing that’s awesome about being indie is you pretty much can say whatever you want in an interview. Big studios don’t like giving off-the-cuff interviews. Too often when they talk, it sounds like a carefully prepared marketing presentation. It’s understandable – a few wreckless words can cause a lot of damage. Gaming sites like to post the most controvertial part of an interview in HUGE BOLD LETTERS AT THE TOP OF THEIR NEWSFEED. So any misstep can be a public relations disaster, and cost a lot of people a lot of money.

But when you’re an indie, you ain’t responsible for nobody but yourself. Most of us just don’t give a shit. For some, pissing people off seems to help sell games. A lot of indies go out of their way to stir shit up, like:

But lots of gamers know who these guys are. Even though they’ve sold a lot less games than the nameless and faceless teams working at EA or Activision.

Talking to a big corporate studio is like dining with the Royal family at Buckingham Palace, all formality and social niceties. Talking to an indie dev is like having a food fight at Denny’s.