Military Strategy

Faction Commander

By completing missions, you can rise to faction commander.
All commands are issued through the galaxy map:

  • Build new space stations
  • Colonize new planets
  • Build colony defenses
  • Build fleets
  • Build troops
  • Order fleets to attack enemy stations
  • Order troops to attack enemy colonies

galaxy map: colony command

The galaxy map displays:

  • planets and stellar systems
  • Icons mark the location of all stations and colonies
  • left side: buttons to construct buildings and units for the currently selected colony

Drone Unity colony buildings

Colony Buildings:

  • Extractor – collects resources from this planet.
  • Refinery – doubles the resource collection rate on a colony
  • Barracks – construct troops to defend a colony.
  • Turret Factory – construct turrets to defend a colony.
  • Air Support – construct fliers to defend the colony.
  • Mech Factory – construct a powerful mech unit to defend a colony.
  • Observatory – detect launched fleets anywhere in this colony’s system.

Salvation colony buildings

galaxy map: station command

This screenshot shows the interface for commanding your space stations.

Space Station Commands:

  • Construct troop
  • Construct fighter ship
  • Construct battleship
  • Launch fleet to attack enemy station
  • Launch troops to attack enemy colony

Being faction commander doesn’t keep you out of the fight. When you order an attack, you will be invited join the mission. To reach faction commander, you must be an excellent warrior and pilot. These skills will be needed on the battlefield.

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