The Wyr were created as scientist androids.
To enhance creative thought, human DNA was fused into their neural networks.
Unfortunately, this caused the Wyr to become unpredictable, criminal, or insane.

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Historical Excerpt: Android Creation
A.D. 2503

Android Research Facility
Personal Log, Dr Jian Yi

Success, success, success!!!
They said it couldn’t be done. That androids could never truly be capable of creative thought. Shame on these nay-sayers! Excuse my emotion I am very excited.

Our experiments at fusing human DNA into the android intelligence net have yielded astounding results. Imagine – a limitless army of Einsteins, Heisenbergs, and Hawkings! This will propel us at light speed into the next technological revolution.

Some say we have designed free will. Others that we are playing god. Let the theologians and philosophers debate. I care not for such trivial matters.

I must note that some prototype androids have developed most peculiar habits. WYR-6633, who bizarrely refers to himself as “Maestro of DOOM” has fashioned a small replica of a scientist in a lab coat which I can only describe as a “voodoo doll”. He keeps jabbing it with a scalpel and cackling at me incessantly. I must admit I find this most unsettling.

Wyr faction logo

Play Style

Quirky dialog.
Their small, hand-held gun can sometimes be a little glitchy and unreliable.
However, they take delight in throwing bombs at their enemies, with unrivaled explosive damage.
The Wyr also construct small portable turrets in battle to provide supporting fire.

Fighter Ship: Device

Wyr fighter

The Wyr fighter ships are called “Devices”.
Individual ship components may be upgraded from tech 1 to tech 5.


Gain ranks by completing missions for your faction.

  1. Lackey: combat training
  2. Accomplice: fighter ship
  3. Meddler: bounty missions
  4. Rabble-Rouser: missions to alien planets
  5. Wise Guy: order mission retreat from space or planet battles
  6. Deconstructor: access to experimental ship tech
  7. Genius: access to enemy intel
  8. Super Maestro: faction commander


Weapons and armor are upgradable to higher, more powerful tech levels.

Weapon: DisintegratorDisintegrator
The standard issue Wyr pistol. Like most Wyr technology, kind of glitchy.

Weapon: ZapperZapper
Designed for construction tasks, but can also deliver a powerful shock to nearby enemies.

Weapon: Bomb DispenserBomb Dispenser
Bombs are thrown and explode on contact.
Hold down fire to increase the throw distance.

Weapon: Turret KitTurret Kit
Constructed turrets automatically attack enemy troops.
Double-click to construct, or use the “construct” key/button.
Turret will last for 3 minutes.

Armor CellArmor Cell
Energizes your armor, providing higher damage resistance.


Stims are injected to provide combat enhancements.
Only one stim can be active at a time.

Stim:  Nano-SurgeryStim: Nano-Surgery
Effect: Heal
Duration: 6 seconds

Stim:  SpeedStim: Speed
Speed: +60%
Duration: 30 seconds

Stim:  FocusStim: Focus
Attack Speed: +50%
Duration: 15 seconds

Stim:  Pain KillerStim: Pain Killer
Damage Reduction: +100%
Duration: 25 seconds


Runes must be found by exploring alien planets.

Rune of the ContinuumRune of the Continuum
Effect: unknown

Rune of SummoningRune of Summoning
Effect: unknown

Rune of the ContinuumRune of the Continuum
Effect: unknown

Rune of the SunRune of the Sun
Effect: unknown

Rune of the VoidRune of the Void
Effect: unknown


Each faction has access to the 4 skill lines:

  • Offensive: attack bonuses
  • Defensive: defense bonuses
  • Stim Capsules: access to the various stim types
  • Stim Capacity: carry more stims

Plus one faction-specific skill:

Replicate Replicate
Create a copy of yourself, which will fight alongside you in battle.
Usable once per planet landing.

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