The Salvation are a race of mutated humans.
Their transformation occurred throughout the catastrophe of earth’s dying years.
They are fanatics, devout to a prophecy written in the book of Ascension.

Salvation faction logo

Historical Excerpt: The Exodus
A.D. 2413

Message from the Infinite, Leader of the Salvation

To all faithful, Around us, the earth has faltered. Mankind is launching into space to survive. And so must we, lest we be doomed to this dying planet.

This is a call to the places of gathering. We have obtained technology from the few human sympathizers who aid us in this time of need. With this technology, we can launch before the Earth collapses around us. In this land of hatred and desolation, these brave human souls are a glimmer of hope for the future of mankind.

You must hurry. Our time is limited. To those sisters who can not make it, we must bid a heartfelt farewell. May they take strength in knowing that we leave in search of a way to fulfil the prophecy. The time of redemption will come, and we must be prepared to face our demons in the final battle.

Salvation faction logo

Play Style

Small, nimble, and fast moving.
The most fragile of all faction’s soldiers.
Most effective when played with fast reflexes and in constant motion.
Their raw damage output is lacking, but their ability to reflect bullets and drain energy makes up for this.

Fighter Ship: Banshee

Salvation fighter

The Salvation fighter ships are called “Banshees”.
Individual ship components may be upgraded from tech 1 to tech 5.


Gain ranks by completing missions for your faction.

  1. Seeker: combat training
  2. Wisdom: fighter ship
  3. Seer: bounty missions
  4. Ascendant: missions to alien planets
  5. Harbinger: order mission retreat from space or planet battles
  6. Divine: access to experimental ship tech
  7. Circle of Six: access to enemy intel
  8. Infinity: faction commander


Weapons and armor are upgradable to higher, more powerful tech levels.

Weapon: Resonance PistolResonance Pistol
The standard issue Salvation pistol.
Two pistols may be held and fired at once.

Weapon: Energy DrainEnergy Drain
Shoots a tendril of energy at any nearby enemy in front of you.
Once enough energy is drained, you can unleash it to damage a targeted enemy and heal yourself.

Weapon: Shield GunShield Gun
Raises a shield which reflects incoming enemy fire.
Does not stop melee attacks.
Higher tech shield guns more accurately reflect bullets at increased damage back at the firer.

Armor CellArmor Cell
Energizes your armor, providing higher damage resistance.


Stims are injected to provide combat enhancements.
Only one stim can be active at a time.

Stim:  Nano-SurgeryStim: Nano-Surgery
Effect: Heal
Duration: 6 seconds

Stim:  SpeedStim: Speed
Speed: +60%
Duration: 30 seconds

Stim:  FocusStim: Focus
Attack Speed: +50%
Duration: 15 seconds

Stim:  Pain KillerStim: Pain Killer
Damage Reduction: +100%
Duration: 25 seconds


Runes must be found by exploring alien planets.

Rune of the ContinuumRune of the Continuum
Effect: unknown

Rune of SummoningRune of Summoning
Effect: unknown

Rune of the ContinuumRune of the Continuum
Effect: unknown

Rune of the SunRune of the Sun
Effect: unknown

Rune of the VoidRune of the Void
Effect: unknown


Each faction has access to the 4 skill lines:

  • Offensive: attack bonuses
  • Defensive: defense bonuses
  • Stim Capsules: access to the various stim types
  • Stim Capacity: carry more stims

Plus one faction-specific skill:

Ghost Ghost

Enter into an ethereal, ghost-like state which makes you immune from damage.
Duration: 30 seconds
Usable once per planet landing.

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