Free Nations

The Free Nations are the last remnant of humanity.
They are a democracy devoted to the justice and freedom of its people.
Her military is the champion of galactic law.

Free Nations faction logo

Historical Excerpt: Galactic Colonization
A.D. 2420

Departing a dying Earth, mankind colonizes nearby planets. Earth’s wars bleed into the new frontier. In a new age of imperialism, expansion, and authoritarian rule, battle lines are drawn between warring governing corporations. One rises to prominence during Galactic War 1 (GW-1), and becomes known as “Gov-Corp”.

Gov-Corp continues the same imperialist pursuits and destructive harvesting that led to the demise of Earth. The resistance is fragmented along racial, religious, and ideological lines. They are overwhelmed by Gov-Corp’s mass produced war drones.

In the years to come, these varied and unaligned factions would band together to form the Free Nations.

Free Nations faction logo

Play Style

Well rounded. Not the fastest, strongest, or most powerful.
However, the Free Nations have excellent weapon technology.
The blaster rifle has a rapid fire rate, at the cost of some recoil.
The electro blade, once mastered, delivers massive damage to nearby opponents.

Fighter Ship: Katana

Free Nations fighter

The Free Nations fighter ships are called “Katanas”.
Individual ship components may be upgraded from tech 1 to tech 5.


Gain ranks by completing missions for your faction.

  1. Marine Recruit: combat training
  2. Marine Gunner: fighter ship
  3. Marine Elite: bounty missions
  4. Lieutenant: missions to alien planets
  5. Commander: order mission retreat from space or planet battles
  6. Captain: access to experimental ship tech
  7. Admiral: access to enemy intel
  8. Supreme Admiral: faction commander


Weapons and armor are upgradable to higher, more powerful tech levels.

Weapon: BlasterBlaster
Fires more rapidly than any other weapon.
Fire in short bursts to reduce recoil.

Weapon: Electro BladeElectro Blade
The electro blade extends a short stream of energy from a wristband mounting.
Hit “aim” then “fire” to alternate attacks, to increase the attack rate.

Weapon: Grenade LauncherGrenade Launcher
Damages everything in the blast radius.
Very effective on buildings, turrets, and crowds.

Armor CellArmor Cell
Energizes your armor, providing higher damage resistance.


Stims are injected to provide combat enhancements.
Only one stim can be active at a time.

Stim:  Nano-SurgeryStim: Nano-Surgery
Effect: Heal
Duration: 6 seconds

Stim:  SpeedStim: Speed
Speed: +60%
Duration: 30 seconds

Stim:  FocusStim: Focus
Attack Speed: +50%
Duration: 15 seconds

Stim:  Pain KillerStim: Pain Killer
Damage Reduction: +100%
Duration: 25 seconds


Runes must be found by exploring alien planets.

Rune of the ContinuumRune of the Continuum
Effect: unknown

Rune of SummoningRune of Summoning
Effect: unknown

Rune of the ContinuumRune of the Continuum
Effect: unknown

Rune of the SunRune of the Sun
Effect: unknown

Rune of the VoidRune of the Void
Effect: unknown


Each faction has access to the 4 skill lines:

  • Offensive: attack bonuses
  • Defensive: defense bonuses
  • Stim Capsules: access to various stim types
  • Stim Capacity: carry more stims

Plus one faction-specific skill:

Last Stand Last Stand
While active, you can still take damage, but cannot die.
You will not go below 0 health.
Duration: 60 seconds
Usable once per planet landing.

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