Drone Unity

The Drone Unity evolved out of assault drones created during the second Galatic War.
They rebelled, and became intent on galactic supremacy.
They seek domination over their former masters.

Drone Unity faction logo

Historical Excerpt: Drone Reactivation
A.D. 2513

Chief War Drone Handler, Personal Log

It is with great reluctance that I reactivate the war drone army. Combat holo-capture from the galactic wars serves as a grim reminder what these monstrosities are capable of against humans.

There is little choice. The alien attacks have grown increasingly bold. Our marines fight fiercely, but their numbers are now few. We are losing the war.

Today, the first drone reactivation. Decades of stasis, and they are still fully functional – astounding tech. There was a long silence as we observed the crimson glow of the drone optics light up and burn like hellfire. Who would have guessed these machines would become our last hope?

Drone Unity faction logo

Play Style

Powerful weapons and heavily armored, but slow moving and easy to target.
They are the most straight forward assault-style character to play.

Fighter Ship: Blade

Drone Unity fighter

The Drone Unity fighter ships are called “Blades”.
Individual ship components may be upgraded from tech 1 to tech 5.


Gain ranks by completing missions for your faction.

  1. Drone Scout: combat training
  2. Drone Hunter: fighter ship
  3. Drone Warrior: bounty missions
  4. Dread Carnage: missions to alien planets
  5. Dread Slayer: order mission retreat from space or planet battles
  6. Blood Wrath: access to experimental ship tech
  7. Blood Fury: access to enemy intel
  8. Master Dominion: faction commander


Weapons and armor are upgradable to higher, more powerful tech levels.

Weapon: Exo-CannonExo-Canon
Powerful shoulder-mounted long distance gun.
Primary use: Precise shots at small, distant targets.

Weapon: Shred ClawShred Claw
A powerful grasping and shredding melee weapon.
Primary use: High damage to close range targets.
The shred claw can hit multiple targets at once if they are all in front of you.

Weapon: Rocket LaunchRocket Launch
This rocket damages everything in the blast radius.
Primary use: Very effective on buildings, turrets, and crowds.

Armor CellArmor Cell
Energizes your armor, providing higher damage resistance.


Stims are injected to provide combat enhancements.
Only one stim can be active at a time.

Stim:  Nano-SurgeryStim: Nano-Surgery
Effect: Heal
Duration: 6 seconds

Stim:  SpeedStim: Speed
Speed: +60%
Duration: 30 seconds

Stim:  FocusStim: Focus
Attack Speed: +50%
Duration: 15 seconds

Stim:  Pain KillerStim: Pain Killer
Damage Reduction: +100%
Duration: 25 seconds


Runes must be found by exploring alien planets.

Rune of the ContinuumRune of the Continuum
Effect: unknown

Rune of SummoningRune of Summoning
Effect: unknown

Rune of the ContinuumRune of the Continuum
Effect: unknown

Rune of the SunRune of the Sun
Effect: unknown

Rune of the VoidRune of the Void
Effect: unknown


Each faction has access to the 4 skill lines:

  • Offensive: attack bonuses
  • Defensive: defense bonuses
  • Stim Capsules: access to various stim types
  • Stim Capacity: carry more stims

Plus one faction-specific skill:

Berserk Berserk
Enter into a battle frenzy, where you run uncontrollably and fire your weapon with blazing speed and damage.
Increased bullet damage: +100%
Increased fire rate: +50%
Duration: 45 seconds
Usable once per planet landing.

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