Alien Planet Exploration

The prophecy speaks of a time when we shall rise against our demons. One final moment with redemption at hand. If only we find our way through that dark hour.

planet Alaydro

At rank 4, you will be recruited on missions to explore wormholes to new galaxies. You will be the first explorer to set foot on these planets. You are solo on these missions, and many planets have hostile alien creatures.

A prophecy has foretold of an ancient evil that will consume humankind and all earth’s descendants. The prophecy tells of awakening long dead beings, keepers of magical runes. These alien planets may hold the secret to our salvation.

planet Gema

Historical Excerpt: Visions of the Seer
A.D. 2327

When mankind enters its darkest hour. When the sun has faded, and the earth is in shadow. You must look distant to the light of the stars. Only there may redemption be found.

We are not the first to behold the glory of planets, nor the first who shall travel the brilliance of stars. Those who walked long ago witness the great cycle. Long has their journey ended, yet their essence may be awakened. They are keepers of the sacred path.

Two gateways into the final battle.
Two gateways into the demon domain.
The path of the sun and the path of the void.
Two paths lead where evils reign.

— Visions of the Seer, the Salvation Prophecy

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