Steam Greenlight – Please Vote!

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If you’re reading this site, you probably know what Steam is. And you probably know that if you made an indie PC game, you really want to sell your game through Steam.

It’s always been hard to get your game on Steam for indie game developers. As you can imagine, Steam gets swamped with 50 bazillion game submissions a day. Because of this, the submission process was very slow, and they often overlooked some good games. Recognizing this problem, Steam recently changed to a new system called Steam Greenlight, where Steam users can vote to pick which indie games Steam will sell. Every month or so, Steam takes the games with the most votes, and adds them to their store.

Click here to see Salvation Prophecy’s greenlight page

If you buy games on Steam, please take a second to follow that link, and click the vote button.

So far, Salvation Prophecy is doing pretty well. Out of the 1,000+ games on greenlight, Salvation Prophecy is (as of today) sitting in position #34. If I keep getting votes, the game should be greenlit within the next few months, which would be absolutely fantastic for me. So even if you’ve already bought and played the game, please vote!

-Sean / “Jabberwocky”

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