Indie Game Mag interview

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Here’s my interview with Indie Game Mag.

One thing that’s awesome about being indie is you pretty much can say whatever you want in an interview. Big studios don’t like giving off-the-cuff interviews. Too often when they talk, it sounds like a carefully prepared marketing presentation. It’s understandable – a few wreckless words can cause a lot of damage. Gaming sites like to post the most controvertial part of an interview in HUGE BOLD LETTERS AT THE TOP OF THEIR NEWSFEED. So any misstep can be a public relations disaster, and cost a lot of people a lot of money.

But when you’re an indie, you ain’t responsible for nobody but yourself. Most of us just don’t give a shit. For some, pissing people off seems to help sell games. A lot of indies go out of their way to stir shit up, like:

But lots of gamers know who these guys are. Even though they’ve sold a lot less games than the nameless and faceless teams working at EA or Activision.

Talking to a big corporate studio is like dining with the Royal family at Buckingham Palace, all formality and social niceties. Talking to an indie dev is like having a food fight at Denny’s.

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