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Indie Game Mag interview

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Here’s my interview with Indie Game Mag. One thing that’s awesome about being indie is you pretty much can say whatever you want in an interview. Big studios don’t like giving off-the-cuff interviews. Too often when they talk, it sounds like a carefully prepared marketing presentation. It’s understandable – a few wreckless words can cause… Read more »

Strategy Informer

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Strategy Informer: Salvation Prophecy receives dev walkthrough teaser It’s always a happy surprise when I find a new site talking about Salvation Prophecy. Especially if it’s a slick site like Strategy Informer. I guess a few people are actually interested in watching that Playthrough Video I posted. And I haven’t even gotten to the really… Read more »

Video Playthrough 1

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Here’s a narrated playthrough video, starting at the beginning of the game. This one shows: character selection the tutorial and the first planet invasion mission using the Drone Unity character. There isn’t much space ship stuff in this first video, because you don’t earn a fighter ship until rank 2. I’m going to put up… Read more »