New Website

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Welcome to the new website! There’s still a last few glitches we’re hammering out, but it’s close!

It was a three man team.

If you need an awesome website, you should hire these guys.

Working with Mike was fun. He wanted some game screenshots to work with. I asked “how many?” He wanted a bazillion. I asked “how big?” Gigantic. So if the internet was slow a couple weeks ago, it’s because I was sending 50000000 gigabites of images to Mike. Sorry about that! 😉

And Jacob was awesome too. I live in Canada. He lives in Denmark. We would stay up together until the wee hours of the morning getting the site working. Except Denmark is 8 hours later than Canada. So I must have routinely kept him awake overnight until like 6 a.m.

Mike and Jacob were both super enthusiastic. And that’s the key to any creative work, whether it’s video games, music, art, writing, or web design. Enthusiasm. And caffeine. Lots and lots of caffeine.

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