How I got The Game Running On Arch Linux

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How I got The Game Running On Arch Linux

Postby NoXiDj » Sat Aug 31, 2013 10:35 am

I am using Manjaro which is a more user friendly version of Arch and I have some 32bit libs installed for other games, so this may differ for other Arch users.

Open home/username/Downloads/Salvation Prophecy v1.0.3/build/release/ or wherever you extracted the archive in a terminal, make sure your in the /release folder, in some file managers you can just right click within the folder and choose open in terminal

Then run the following command


You will most likely get an error saying you are missing a lib the first one I was missing was libXaw, now if you have something like yaourt installed, then you can search for the 32bit lib by using

yaourt libXaw

the package you want to install is lib32-libxaw you could also just use Pacman to install this package

I then tried to run the game again with


and I came across a second missing lib, this time it was liblcms but dont search for that using yaourt, you will get no results, just search for lcms. The package you are looking for is lib32-lcms

Then again I tried to run and came across another missing lib, this time the culprit was libpng12 and the package you want is lib32-libpng12

Ok lets try again, ok im missing another lib, which one you ask? libjasper. Again dont search libjasper search for just jasper and the package your looking for is lib32-jasper

Once more I ran that faithfull command


It loaded and the game works perfectly on both my laptop and main machine :D
Now if you have issues after reading this just ask here and I will try my best to help you :D
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Re: How I got The Game Running On Arch Linux

Postby Jabberwocky » Sat Aug 31, 2013 3:28 pm

Nice workNoXiDj -

There's so many flavors of linux, and of course the 32-/64-bit executable issue, that this stuff really helps out. These are great instructions for others who run into the same issue. It's amazing how proficient a lot of linux users are at working through these problems, and sharing your solution with others is highly appreciated.

I'm really glad to hear the game is running on both your laptop and desktop.
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